Payment Policy

1) We will be opening Registration for events significantly earlier than previously--likely around the 4-5-weeks-ahead-of-time mark. Registration will run for 1 week, and will then close. Everyone must register if they wish to participate, regardless of whether they have previously purchased a pass or not. Please note that we will be putting a player cap in place. While it is unlikely that the cap will be a bother to anyone, it is extremely important that people register for events. Our is not a First Come, First Served system, so there is no need to camp out when registration is announced, but we sincerely ask that people register in a timely fashion.

2) If paid by Check or Paypal up to 2 weeks before game, events cost $95.00, regardless of payment method. Checks will not be accepted after that date, though Paypal will be accepted up to 1 week before game. Paying for an event between 2 weeks and 1 week ahead of time sets the event price at $100.00. If you would like to pay by check, or if you absolutely cannot come up with funds at least 1 week before game, please send us an e-mail at staff at hellcatjive dot com.

3) If you have paid for an event and later discover you cannot attend, we will issue a full refund of monies received provided we are given notice at least 1 full week before the event in question. If we receive notice within a week of an upcoming event, you will have the option to either apply the funds to the next Hellcat Jive event you can attend, or convert the entrance price into a donation for CP.

4) We are restructuring passes. "Season Passes" will cost the same as, and, with proper registration, allow attendance at 2 events. Season Passes allow access to Callings under the guidelines set out in the rulebook (e.g., only at character creation or at your Free Rebuild after your first full event). "Annual Passes" will cost the same as 4 events, and with proper registration will allow attendance to same. Annual Passes count as Season Passes for the purposes of Callings. If you purchased a Season Pass at the recent role play event (and therefore at a more expensive rate), you count as having an Annual Pass, and you have the option of receiving the difference in cost as a monetary refund or as CP, just e-mail us and let us know what you'd like to do.

5) Regarding upgraded cabins: the cost will remain the same, $20 per person per night (or $40 for the weekend). Part of the registration process will allow people to select whether they would like to spring for upgraded cabins, and if they would, if they consider it more important to be with their team or to be in an upgraded cabin--sometimes teams are divided as to whether they want to try for upgraded accommodations. We'll do our best to make everyone as happy as possible, but we ask that people be understanding of the difficulties involved with coordinating housing for such a large group with so many factors in play.